Little Boy May Be Blind After Being Attacked With Acid, Please Pray For Him


A young boy in Scotland named Shane Flowers was brutally attacked with a white-powder substance that was actually an acidic compound by a group of bullies. Now, doctors say that Shane may lose his eyesight from the attack.

Shane’s sister Gemma Florence, 25, revealed he was in “a lot of pain”.


She said: “He’s been badly burned in his eye and down the side of his face.

“We don’t know how bad it’s going to be and if he’ll ever see out of that eye again.”

Shane and his friend Igor — whose mouth was bleeding — were rushed to hospital and put under police guard after Shane’s mum Jennifer, 46 called the police.

Detective Allen Shaw said police were now trying to trace the acid sour­ce. It is possible that they accidentally used the acid on themselves, though they claimed that they had been attacked by a group of youths.
He added: “No crime has taken place.”