“Somebody Needs To Pay For ALL My Children!” Single Welfare Mom Of 15 Kids Demands Accountability


Angel Adams of Hillsborough County, Florida believes that taxpayers need to support her and her 15 children, including 12 who are minors. In the video below, the 37-year-old slams The Department of Children and Families for not providing enough services to care for the youngsters who she insists have no clothes or place to reside.
Not unsurprisingly, the father of ten members of Adams’ brood is in prison. And while the authorities in Hillsborough County have reached out in an attempt to provide services to the family, the entitled mother continues to blame the system for her woes.
“Somebody needs to pay for all of my children,” Adams claims. She then adds – in a comment that is the very definition of irony – “Somebody needs to be held accountable!”
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