Mom asks her baby a question – the unexpected answer makes dad break down laughing


That toddlers are amazing should come as news to no one, and sometimes they do the most fascinating and unexpected things. When this happens, it can be hard to keep from laughing!

Toddlers love making all kinds of sounds, but little of what they say makes any sense. This might seem meaningless, but experimenting with sounds and trying to talk is an important part in developing the ability to use language.

This is the stage where the baby learns what kinds of sounds they can make and which of them fit together, and before long they learn to speak real words and form simple sentences.

The little girl in the clip below has not yet learned to speak properly, but she’s fully comfortable with making up sounds and trying to copy what she hears around her. The result is completely adorable – her dad just can’t keep himself from laughing when his daughter babbles on after mom asks her a question.

The clip featuring this adorable little chatterbox has been seen by almost 4 million people!

Youtube video by: Kyoot Kids