An exhausted boy fell asleep next to his cow at an agricultural show and touched the hearts of thousands on the internet


Last month, 15-year-old Mitchell Miner took his cow Audri to the Iowa State Fair dairy cattle show. Despite all their efforts and Audri’s obvious beauty, they finished fifth out of a field of seven.
Exhausted from the day’s hard work and the stress of waiting for the results, Mitchell laid down next to Audri who then rested her large head on the young farmer’s stomach. As the boy and his bovine friend drifted off to sleep, Mitchell’s dad caught this touching moment on camera.
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Once posted on the internet, the photo quickly went viral with many on social media commenting on the wonderful show of love shared between human and animal. Mitchell’s mom explained that the two had spent a lot of time together from a young age and Audri had always been comfortable around her son. For her, the photo is a sign of true friendship.


It’s wonderful to see the respect Mitchell and Audri have for one another. By allowing the boy to nap at her side, Audri showed the trust she has for her young companion. As this image proves, the relationship between farmers their animals is certainly deeper than we may first think.