Pedophile Attacks 11-Year-Old Girl, Liberal Judge Rules It Her Fault After 1 Thing She Did


A judge’s ruling in the case of an 11-year-old girl who was raped by a 28-year-old man sparked outrage.

The judge reportedly ruled that the sexual encounter between the girl and the man was consensual — sparking outrage among children’s rights groups and local residents. The girl, The Local reported, met the man in a park and agreed to follow him home after he told her he would teach her how to kiss.

Once at the man’s apartment, however, he reportedly had sexual intercourse with her. The girl’s family said she was “paralyzed” with fear and “unable to defend herself.” The judge disagreed, however, ruling that the sexual intercourse was consensual because “there was no violence, no constraint, no threat, and no surprise.”

The girl’s mother insisted that her daughter was raped.

“She thought it was too late, that she didn’t have the right to protest, that it wouldn’t make any difference, so she went into auto pilot, without emotion and without reaction,” the mother said. An expert on such cases said that “submitting was not consenting.”

A rights group called Le Voix de L’Enfant said in a statement that “the question of consent or its absence should never even be asked when it comes to rape victims who are minors.”

Many readers expressed similar outrage toward the ruling in the case, which took place in Paris, France.

“This is unconscionable…. we demand children obey / respect adults…..then expect them to fight adults who abuse them…..THIS IS JUST PLAIN WRONG,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“This is why there is no justice. The law states anyone under 15 years of age cannot give consent, and the judge decides to add conditions to it. If that was my child I would nail his penis to a chair and set the chair on fire. Then I’d hand him a knife. If he got off the chair then I’d put a bullet in his brain. If that was my daughter, he’d be dead. Any questions? I don’t care,” another wrote.

“That judge needs a new job. She probably didn’t fight back fearing it would be worse or she would be killed. But that judge definitely needs a new job and needs to [go] back to law school and learn the law. Hopefully someone gets that guy,” another added

“This is insane! A French judge let the PEDOPHILE off! GOD will deal harshly with both judge and perpetrator! This type of ruling is sickening!” another reader commented.

Sources: The Local, Mad World News/Facebook / Featured Image: Max Pixel / Embedded Images: Max Pixel, Max Pixel