Young Vet Heard Gunshots 2 Floors Below In Hotel And Called 911 To Lead Cops To Vegas Shooter


The tragic massacre in Las Vegas has both shocked and saddened the nation.
In the wake of such a tragic loss of life, stories of heroism, selflessness, and complete strangers coming together have brought light to a dark moment.
One incredible story is that of Chris Bethel, an Iraq war veteran who was staying in the Mandalay Bay hotel. Chris is from Fort Worth, Texas, but he was in Las Vegas for a work conference at the time of the attack. Chris was in his hotel room when he heard the gunshots. Click below for watching video
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Being a war veteran, Chris is trained to determine where the sound of gunfire is coming from. He could immediately tell that the gunfire was coming from inside the hotel.

As bullets continued to rain down, Chris sprang into action. He called the police, but when he couldn’t get through, he called the hotel front desk and the front desk of the hotel across the street.

Finally, Chris was able to get ahold of police and tell them what he knew. Minutes later, officers showed up at the hotel.

Chris’ actions were vital in helping police locate the gunman. Although he was not in the immediate line of fire, Chris, like many other veterans, instinctively knew what to do to help those who were in danger.

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Thumbnail Photo: CBSDFW