Husband is shocked when he finds out his wife is a virgin – her explanation cracks me up


Some secrets don’t come out until after you’ve been married for a while. For example pretending to love soup because your partner does, even though you really hate it, or perhaps not telling the whole truth about your previous partners.

Such secrets tend to come out in time, but the man in story is thoroughly shocked when his wife reveals a certain detail on their wedding night.

Two newlyweds go on their honeymoon. As they start getting hot and heavy in the wedding suite, the woman says, “Please be gentle, I’m a virgin.”

The puzzled man replies, “But how can that be? You’ve been married three times before.”

“I know,” she says. “My first husband was a psychiatrist and all he wanted to do was talk about it.

My second husband was a gynecologist and he just wanted to look at it.

And my third husband was a stamp collector and all he wanted to do was… oh God, do I miss him…”

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