Being Approached By A Girl At The Bar – JOKE OF THE DAY


This old man was having a drink at a local pub when he happened to see a beautiful young woman. She was just SO beautiful that he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Before he even realized, he was gazing her for quite some while now.

This young woman happened to see this old man looking at her. So, she got up from her seat, and started walking towards the old man. The old man was stunned. And before he could even think what to say, this young woman was standing at his table. She leaned in, and in a very sultry manner, said:


“I saw you looking at me. I’ll do anything you like. Anything you ever thought. I’ll make your wildest dreams come true. I don’t care how extreme or unusual that is. I’m all up for it. All I need are 100 dollars. And you just have to follow this one condition.”

The old man was stunned. He nevertheless asked this young gorgeous woman what the condition was. So, she said, “Whatever you want me to do for you, you have to tell it to me in just three words.”

The offer was enticing. And the old man got to thinking what was the best thing he could have this girl do to him. After a while, he leans into her ear and says..

“Paint my House!”